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Down in the gorge, along the riverside path and past small waterfalls, the route leads to the White Lady waterfall. This spectacular cascade gets its name from local legend that says it is home to a ghostly lady. 
Part of the route through the gorge comprises wooden walkways and ancient woodlands with wild garlic swirling around the trunks of the trees creating a white carpet. 
I spent approximately 50 hours over the course of a week creating this. I used coloured ballpoints which require a lot more blotting. 
A truly beautiful National Trust site.

Wild garlic at Lydford Gorge

  • Matthew J. Kavanagh, 'Wild Garlic at Lydford Gorge'

    Black Ballpoint Pen on Board.

    Edition: 1 of 1

    Dimensions: 60 x 60cm Framed.

    Hand signed.

    For any enquiries about my original artwork please contact me.