This is my third study of the beautiful Dahlia flowers. This particular specie of Dahlia is a 'Cornel' True Venetian velvet pompoms. This is the most detailed study and it's been very difficult to depict the tuber petals. I also wanted the light source to come from the top center and cascade down the flower to show the almost translucent effect of the light shining through the petals.


I made a series of sketches at The Garden House in Buckland Monochorum, Dartmoor. I was particularly struck by the beauty of this flower as they don't only form a pom pom shape in full bloom but the petals are also tubular. It is a truly remarkable flower.

I worked on this artwork for over a week as it is so detailed. The three Dahlia studies are depicting detail, and light sources. 

‘DAHLIA 3rd STUDY’ Original Ballpoint Pen Artwork

  • Matthew J. Kavanagh, 'Dahlia 3rd Study'

    Edition: 1 of 1

    Dimensions: 60 x 60cm Framed.

    Black Ballpoint Pen on Board.

    Hand signed.

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