Burrator Reservoir is situated within Dartmoor, and the tranquil water and surrounding mixed woodland contrasts sharply with the open moor and the rugged Dartmoor tors. I normally combine my visit with a walk across the moors to Crazywell Pool for a wild swim, and the pen meander back along the reservoir to the arboretum. Devon has relatively few lakes, but the situation and quality of these make them a hidden gem in Devon’s crown.

Burrator Woodland is situated near the Burrator Reservoir on the south side Dartmoor National Park. I walked through a decked arboretum with water flowing through the area, then all of a sudden a huge woodland appears. It's very dense and wild but very beautiful.

I spent approximately a week to create this artwork. I used many layers of ink to create the wild density of the woodland.
Whilst I was sketching the view a tiny fawn ran past me from behind and into the woods. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough the take a photo. 

‘BURRATOR WOODLAND’ Original Ballpoint Pen Artwork.

  • Matthew J. Kavanagh, 'Burrator Woodland'

    Edition: 1 of 1

    Dimensions: 60 x 60cm Framed.

    Black Ballpoint Pen on Board.

    Hand signed.

    For any enquiries about my original artwork please contact me.