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About me

When I consider my own artwork I often struggle to find the words to describe it, creating art is a need for me to unload my thoughts and emotions. 
I am a Tavistock, Devon-based ballpoint pen artist that has been creating realistic artwork since the early 1990’s. It started whilst doodling in exercise books at school and developed over the years. 
My artwork comes from within and often contains locations that are personal or from my surroundings. I have always enjoyed the beauty of nature, and when I draw I love exploring different colour palettes to provoke different emotions and feelings as well as monochromatic studies. Art to me should be something to be enjoyed and bring different meanings and memories to those who look upon it. 
I enjoy working with landscapes, flowers and nature which have endless possibilities through life, form, light, mystery and intrigue. 
I have a passion and love for lighting, precise techniques and attention to detail within my artwork, possibly due to my background in Pharmacy. 

My love of narrative and mystery within the image creates intrigue and invites the viewer into the image, to question and be thoughtful.
My recent work has been a true investigation into my own mental health and reflects my inner thoughts. During the pandemic drawing was my life line. I enjoyed rediscovering colour within landscapes and using elements at juxtapositions to develop compositions that created new ideas. My work contains motifs of floral elements associated with emotions, feminine traits and awareness of balance within compositions, through colour and texture. 

The lock down gave me time to re-energise my artwork and reflect inwardly to express outwardly in my drawing. 
Through expressing floral elements, I have explored the Dahlia in recent work, the flower stands for wealth, elegance, love and involvement - wealth is health. A flower that can bring joy and beauty into the world during some dark times. These flowers represent strength and resilience as well as beauty and softness.

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